Preparing apps for analysis

Before you add apps to Checks, you may need to enable or configure certain aspects of your development environment or your application.

Android apps

Checks runs an analysis on the public version of your application in the Google Play Store. No integrations are needed to enable features such as compliance monitoring, Store Disclosure reports, or data monitoring. Other features may require you to configure your app to support them, as described here.

Enable the Android Gradle Plugin

The Checks SDK tracking feature is provided via the Android Gradle Plugin in Android Studio. When you build your app with Gradle, it includes metadata that describes the dependencies that are compiled into your app. See Dependencies metadata in the Android Studio documentation for more information.

Due to the SDK tracking feature's dependency on the Android Gradle Plugin in Android Studio, SDK tracking may not be available in other development environments such as older versions of Unity.

In order to run the Checks SDK tracking feature, the Android Gradle Plugin must be enabled in your app, and your app must be built with Gradle. Make sure you have a recent version of Android Gradle Plugin in your instance of Android Studio, and that you have not opted-out of this feature.