blockly > VerticalFlyout

VerticalFlyout class

Class for a flyout.


export declare class VerticalFlyout extends Flyout 

Extends: Flyout


Constructor Modifiers Description
(constructor)(workspaceOptions) Constructs a new instance of the VerticalFlyout class


Property Modifiers Type Description
registryName static string The name of the vertical flyout in the registry.


Method Modifiers Description
getClientRect() Returns the bounding rectangle of the drag target area in pixel units relative to viewport.
getX() Calculates the x coordinate for the flyout position.
getY() Calculates the y coordinate for the flyout position.
layout_(contents, gaps) protected Lay out the blocks in the flyout.
position() Move the flyout to the edge of the workspace.
reflowInternal_() protected Compute width of flyout. toolbox.Position mat under each block. For RTL: Lay out the blocks and buttons to be right-aligned.
scrollToStart() Scroll the flyout to the top.
setMetrics_(xyRatio) protected Sets the translation of the flyout to match the scrollbars.
wheel_(e) protected Scroll the flyout.