blockly > Theme

Theme class

Class for a theme.


export declare class Theme implements ITheme 

Implements: ITheme


Constructor Modifiers Description
(constructor)(name, opt_blockStyles, opt_categoryStyles, opt_componentStyles) Constructs a new instance of the Theme class


Property Modifiers Type Description
name string


Method Modifiers Description
defineTheme(name, themeObj) static Define a new Blockly theme.
getComponentStyle(componentName) Gets the style for a given Blockly UI component. If the style value is a string, we attempt to find the value of any named references.
setBlockStyle(blockStyleName, blockStyle) Overrides or adds a style to the blockStyles map.
setCategoryStyle(categoryStyleName, categoryStyle) Overrides or adds a style to the categoryStyles map.
setComponentStyle(componentName, styleValue) Configure a specific Blockly UI component with a style value.
setFontStyle(fontStyle) Configure a theme's font style.
setStartHats(startHats) Configure a theme's start hats.