blockly > registry > getAllItems

registry.getAllItems() function

Returns a map of items registered with the given type.


export declare function getAllItems<T>(type: string | Type<T>, opt_cased?: boolean, opt_throwIfMissing?: boolean): {
    [key: string]: T | null | (new (...p1: any[]) => T);
} | null;


Parameter Type Description
type string | Type<T> The type of the plugin. (e.g. Category)
opt_cased boolean (Optional) Whether or not to return a map with cased keys (rather than caseless keys). False by default.
opt_throwIfMissing boolean (Optional) Whether or not to throw an error if we are unable to find the object. False by default.


{ [key: string]: T | null | (new (...p1: any[]) => T); } | null

A map of objects with the given type, or null if none exists.