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IIcon interface


export interface IIcon 


Method Description
applyColour() Updates the icon's color when the block's color changes..
dispose() Disposes of any elements of the icon.
hideForInsertionMarker() Hides the icon when it is part of an insertion marker.
initView(pointerdownListener) Creates the SVG elements for the icon that will live on the block.
isClickableInFlyout(autoClosingFlyout)? (Optional) Check whether the icon should be clickable while the block is in a flyout. If this function is not defined, the icon will be clickable in all flyouts.
onClick() Notifies the icon that it has been clicked.
onLocationChange(blockOrigin) Notifies the icon that it has changed locations.
setOffsetInBlock(offset) Notifies the icon where it is relative to its block's top-start, in workspace units.
updateCollapsed() Updates the icon's collapsed-ness/view when the block's collapsed-ness changes.
updateEditable() Updates the icon's editability when the block's editability changes.