blockly > FieldImage > (constructor)


Constructs a new instance of the FieldImage class


constructor(src: string | typeof Field.SKIP_SETUP, width: string | number, height: string | number, alt?: string, onClick?: (p1: FieldImage) => void, flipRtl?: boolean, config?: FieldImageConfig);


Parameter Type Description
src string | typeof Field.SKIP_SETUP The URL of the image. Also accepts Field.SKIP_SETUP if you wish to skip setup (only used by subclasses that want to handle configuration and setting the field value after their own constructors have run).
width string | number Width of the image.
height string | number Height of the image.
alt string (Optional) Optional alt text for when block is collapsed.
onClick (p1: FieldImage) => void (Optional) Optional function to be called when the image is clicked. If onClick is defined, alt must also be defined.
flipRtl boolean (Optional) Whether to flip the icon in RTL.
config FieldImageConfig (Optional) A map of options used to configure the field. See the [field creation documentation] for a list of properties this parameter supports.