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blockRendering.BottomRow class

An object containing information about what elements are in the bottom row of a block as well as spacing information for the bottom row. Elements in a bottom row can consist of corners, spacers and next connections.


export declare class BottomRow extends Row 

Extends: Row


Constructor Modifiers Description
(constructor)(constants) Constructs a new instance of the BottomRow class


Property Modifiers Type Description
baseline number The Y position of the bottom edge of the block, relative to the origin of the block rendering.
connection NextConnection | null The next connection on the row, if any.
descenderHeight number The amount that the bottom of the block extends below the horizontal edge, e.g. because of a next connection. Must be non-negative (see #2820).
hasNextConnection boolean Whether this row has a next connection.


Method Modifiers Description
hasLeftSquareCorner(block) Returns whether or not the bottom row has a left square corner.
hasRightSquareCorner(_block) Returns whether or not the bottom row has a right square corner.