Build fulfillment with the Actions on Google Java/Kotlin client library (Dialogflow)

The Actions on Google Java/Kotlin client library is the recommended way for accessing and interacting with the Actions on Google platform if you are creating a fulfillment webhook in Java/Kotlin.


The Java/Kotlin client library is a fulfillment library for Actions on Google that provides these features:

  • Supports all Actions on Google features, including text and rich multimedia responses, account sign-in, data storage, transactions, and more.
  • Provides an idiomatic layer of abstraction in Java or Kotlin that wraps the conversation HTTP/JSON webhook API.
  • Handles the low-level details of communication between your fulfillment and the Actions on Google platform.
  • Can be installed using Gradle and Maven. You can find the setup instructions in the README.
  • Lets you easily deploy your fulfillment webhook on platforms such as Google App Engine or AWS Lambda. You can also host your fulfillment webhook on a cloud service provider or on a self-hosted and self-managed environment.
  • Requires JDK 8 or higher.
  • You can use the client library in conjunction with the Dialogflow integration for Actions on Google or with the Actions SDK.

To see full code samples for using the client library, you can visit the samples page.

View the API reference

The API reference is hosted on the Actions on Google Java/Kotlin client library GitHub page.