Actions for Families

Create actions for Google Assistant that engage the whole family.

From learning to fun, Google Assistant helps people of all ages. Build Actions to engage with families across over 1 billion devices with Google Assistant.

Dedicated Discovery

As part of our Actions for Families program, your Action will display a badge in the Assistant directory that lets parents know it's family-friendly.

Additionally, Actions that are especially high quality will be eligible for conversational discovery opportunities. For example, when Assistant users ask to "play a game", your high quality Action may be presented.

Example Action ideas

Fun and Games

From trivia to riddles, create an Action that is fun and encourages play.


Educate and inspire growing minds with an Action that showcases puzzles,patterns, or memory building skills.


Bring a story to life with an Action that tells tales and brings families on adventures, pushing the boundaries of imagination.

Program eligibility

Google Assistant's Actions for Families (AFF) program is open to developers who have demonstrated the ability to create family-friendly experiences. Developers who wish to participate in the AFF program must verify that they have a Teacher-Approved app on Google Play, unless they have entered into a partnership agreement with Google for their family-friendly Action.

All developers in the AFF program are required to comply with the same content and experience policies and remain subject to audits for compliance.

For more information, see the Actions for Families Addendum.

Building your Action

To learn about how to submit your Action to the program, please see our guide on Building an Action for Families.