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Learn about new opportunities and audiences that come with building Assistant games for smart displays. Discover best practices to enhance your game ideas with the most powerful and intuitive interface: voice.

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Check out the development journeys of the following games. Get lessons learned from the game creators and full source code to inspire your next game.
Detective, find that cookie.
Grow your virtual zen garden.
A party game to get everyone moving.
Top tech for games

Get access to our latest technology Continuous Match Mode to listen longer for predefined words spoken by players, used in games such as Guess the Drawing. Combine this feature with Interactive Canvas, which lets you use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build transformative games for Google Assistant.


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Let's play

Check out the following games for inspiration. Just say, “Hey Google, let’s play a game” on a Google Assistant-enabled smart display.
Lottie Dottie Chicken
Guess the Drawing
Mad Libs
Puzzle of the Day
The Wiggles
Trivia Crack
Who Wants to be a Millionaire

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