App development with AI

Build and operate beautiful, powerful apps across any platform with generative AI.


Build and ship full-stack apps across platforms - from start to scale-in one place.


Bring AI into your apps and work efficiently with built-in AI assistance and agents support.


Rapidly iterate and validate with confidence in app quality, AI safety and compliance.

Capabilities and features

Simplify full stack development

Work anywhere with just a browser and seamless access to tools to build, test, deploy, secure and monitor your apps.

Infuse apps with responsible AI

Start or reimagine your apps with AI-powered experiences, search and retrieval services, recommendations, and image generators.

Start projects quickly

Access 20+ templates to build Web, Android, iOS and Cloud apps using Angular, C++, Express, Flutter, Go, Java, Laravel, .NET, NextJS, Python, React, Rust and more.

Enhance your productivity

Gemini powered agents and assistants help you write, debug, test, and refactor your code, or understand your codebase and create documentation.

Reach users everywhere

Create and scale your apps across mobile devices, web browsers, desktops, laptops, and embedded form factors.

Ensure privacy compliance

Protect user privacy through increased visibility to your app’s data access, permissions, and network traffic.

Unlock early access features

Explore the future of app development with early access to AI assistants and agents.

AI Monitoring
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AI Project Maintainer
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AI Generated UI
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