To get started with the Android Management API, we've created a Colab notebook that you can follow to enroll an enterprise, create a policy, and provision a device.

To use the quickstart guide, you need:

  • An Android 6.0+ device.
  • A Gmail account. This account cannot be associated with an existing enterprise.
  • A Cloud Platform project that you own or can edit:
    1. Go to the Projects Page.
    2. Click CREATE PROJECT.
    3. Take note of the project ID.

Open quickstart guide

Cleanup (optional)

To reset your device and unbind your Gmail account from the enterprise you created, follow the steps below.

1. Deprovision a device

Before you can deprovision a device, you need the device's deviceId. To get a list of all your provisioned devices, call enterprises.devices.list and specify:

  • parent: The enterprise name in the form of enterprises/{enterprise-id}.

A successful response contains an array of devices resources. Because you only need the name field to deprovision a device, the example response below is shortened.

  "devices": [
      "name": "enterprises/{enterprise-id}/devices/{device-id}",
      "state": "ACTIVE",
      // Additional device resource fields

To deprovision and factory-reset a device, call enterprises.devices.delete and specify:

  • name: The device ID in the form of enterprises/{enterprise-id}/devices/{device-id}.

If successful, the request returns an empty response body.

2. Delete an enterprise

You can only associate your Gmail account with a single enterprise. To unbind your account from an enterprise, you need to delete the enterprise:

  1. Visit play.google.com/work with the account used to create the enterprise.
  2. Select Admin Settings.
  3. In Organization information, select the three vertical dots.
  4. Click Delete Organization.

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