Guide for existing EMM partners

EMM partners already using the Google Play EMM API can use the Android Device Management API to support the following solution sets:

The Android Management API is a self-contained API that eliminates the need for you to create your own Device Policy Controller (DPC). Instead, managed devices use Android Device Policy to enforce policies app and device management policies sent via the API.

Create an enterprise

Although Android Management supports enterprise creation (signupUrls.create and enterprises.create), these calls are not available to partners using the Google Play EMM API. Instead, partners must use the Google Play EMM API to enroll new enterprises.

Start using the Android Management API

  1. Enable the Android Management API for your project.
  2. Create and enroll an enterprise using the Google Play EMM API.
  3. Using the enterprise's enterpriseId and ESA, develop your dedicated device solution with the Android Management API.

To test the Android Management API and provision a device in minutes, try the Quickstart guide.

Set up Pub/Sub notifications

Before setting up Pub/Sub notifications for Android Management, EMM partners with programmatically created ESAs must register the Cloud project they want to use to receive notifications:

  1. Sign into the Android Enterprise EMM Provider community. You must be a registered EMM to have access to this site.
  2. Open the EMM product modification form.
  3. Enter the required information, including your associated DPC identity and Cloud Project ID.

After you receive confirmation from Google that your project has been registered, enable the Pub/Sub API for the project, then complete steps 2 to 6 in the Pub/Sub notifications setup guide.