Example policies: device with a work profile

This page contains example policy settings for a work profile—a self-contained space within a device that contains work apps and data. If a device is set up with a work profile, Android Device Policy automatically applies policy settings to the work profile only. This makes it possible to apply the same policy to devices with work profiles and fully managed devices.

// Applies to the work profile.
"passwordRequirements": {
    "passwordMinimumLength": 6,
    "passwordQuality": "ALPHABETIC"
// Applies to the whole device.
"parentProfilePasswordRequirements": {
    "passwordMinimumLength": 4,
    "passwordQuality": "NUMERIC_COMPLEX"
"applications": [{
    "defaultPermissionPolicy": "GRANT",
    "installType": "FORCE_INSTALLED",  // Auto-installs app in the work profile
    "packageName": "com.google.android.gm"
    "installType": "AVAILABLE",  // Adds app to the work profile's managed Play Store
    "packageName": "com.google.android.apps.docs"