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Reporting Developer Guides

Google Analytics provides a simple and powerful APIs to retrieve report data from Google Analytics.

With the reporting APIs, you can save time by automating complex reporting tasks. You can also use the APIs to integrate Google Analytics data with your own business data for deeper insights.

What To Use

  1. Core Reporting API

    Create custom reports by querying for dimensions and metrics

  2. Embed API

    Easily create and embed dashboards on a 3rd party website in minutes.

  3. Multi-Channel Funnels Reporting API

    Access all the traffic source paths that lead to a user's conversion.

  4. Real Time Reporting API

    Report on activity occurring on your property right now.

  5. Metadata API

    Access the list of API dimensions and metrics and their attributes.

  1. Looking for account and view (profile) information? Use the Configuration APIs.


  1. Query Explorer

    Test the Core Reporting API; no code required.

  2. Easy Dashboard Library

    Build and visualize custom dashboards with the API; minimal code required.

  1. Learn about other ways you can use our API. Read the Reporting API Articles.