Set up event parameters

This guide shows you how to set up parameters for recommended events and custom events on your website so you can collect more information from your events. For information about how to add item-scoped parameters, see Measure ecommerce.


You want to collect more information about your users' activity through the events you've already set up.

You use either the Google tag (gtag.js) or Google Tag Manager on your website. If you want to set up event parameters for a mobile app, see Log events.

See your events in Analytics

You can see your events and their parameters using the Realtime and DebugView reports. Note that the DebugView report requires some additional configuration before you can use the report. These two reports show you the events users trigger on your website as the events are triggered.

Some parameters automatically populate prebuilt dimensions and metrics in Google Analytics. For example, the parameters on the automatically collected and enhanced measurement events, as well as the required and optional parameters you send with the recommended events, populate pre-built dimensions and metrics.

Other parameters require you to create custom dimensions and metrics to see the parameter values in Google Analytics. Whenever you create a custom parameter, you need to create a corresponding custom dimension or metric so you can see that data.

Next steps

Create custom dimensions and metrics for your custom event parameters.