Release Notes

This page provides information about the changes in each release of Ads Data Hub.

December 11, 2019

You can now use change history to view a history of changes to your account.

December 4, 2019

We've added 2 new tables: cm_dt_paths and dv360_paths. These tables make event path analysis easier and more computationally efficient. Learn more

November 4, 2019

Report on DV360 TrueView campaigns in Ads Data Hub

We've added 9 tables, allowing you to report on Display and Video 360 YouTube campaigns (including Google Video Partners) in Ads Data Hub. The tables are:

  • dv360_youtube_adgroup
  • dv360_youtube_advertiser
  • dv360_youtube_campaign
  • dv360_youtube_clicks
  • dv360_youtube_creative
  • dv360_youtube_conversions
  • dv360_youtube_impressions
  • dv360_youtube_insertion_order
  • dv360_youtube_line_item

October 24, 2019

We've added impression data fields to the adh.*_clicks, adh.*_conversions, and adh.*_active_views tables, simplifying the querying process for impression data. To see an example query using the new fields, look at the samples page.

October 14, 2019

We've added 2 new customer types to the table format documentation: agencies and holding companies. Additionally, we've updated the advertiser and vendor documentation to include additional fields and tables.

September 23, 2019

Query job IDs are now generated differently. For queries where no job ID is specified, Ads Data Hub generates one using 32 random hexadecimal characters. This change doesn't impact users who specify a job ID using ADHv1.

May 21, 2019

Ads Data Hub's new API, Ads Data Hub v1, is now generally available. Learn how to migrate to the new API.

April 17, 2019

You can now test queries and look at synthetic event-level data using the new sandbox role. Learn more.

March 18, 2019

You can now assign users different levels of access to your Ads Data Hub account based on their role in your agency. See Assign access by role for details.

December 6, 2018

You can now query Campaign Manager audience segments data using a new match table and field. See table format for an updated list of fields.

November 26, 2018

Fields deprecated in Google Ads and YouTube reserve tables

The following fields are now deprecated:

  • in adh.google_ads_impressions: activeview_cost, click_cost, conv_cost, cost_usd, device_id_md5, impression_cost, is_gfp, is_mobile_id, line_item_id, output_language, target_type, user_bandwidth
  • in adh.yt_reserve_impressions: campaign_id, device_id_md5, is_gfp, is_mobile_id, output_language, target_type, user_bandwidth
  • in adh.google_ads_active_views: is_gfp
  • in adh.yt_reserve_ads_active_views: is_gfp

Additionally, both adh.google_ads_views and adh.yt_reserve_views are now deprecated.

See table format for suggested workarounds

November 7, 2018

Fields deprecated in city, metro, and region tables

The following fields are now deprecated:

  • in latitude, longitude, metro_code, region_code
  • in adh.metro: metro_code, metro_abbrev
  • in adh.region: region_code

See table format for suggested workarounds.

August 24, 2018

AdWords tables were renamed to reflect the new Google Ads name. See table format for an updated list of new table names, and use the new names in the Ads Data Hub interface when writing queries.

August 21, 2018

New dv360_dt metadata tables

You can now query Display & Video 360 Data Transfer metadata in Ads Data Hub. Many other Data Transfer fields and tables were also renamed. See table format for an updated list of fields, and use the new names in the Ads Data Hub interface when writing queries.

August 17, 2018

DV360 / DBM cost and fee fields removed

The following field types will be removed soon, and should no longer be used in queries: event.xbid_total_media_cost, event.xbid_cpm_fee, event.xbid_media_fee, and event.xbid_data_cost. All individual fields (fee 1 through 5, currency options, etc.) related to these types will be removed.

August 3, 2018

New temporary tables

You can now create temporary tables in your queries using the CREATE TABLE statement. You must still specify an output table to run queries with the sole purpose of generating a temporary table. Temporary tables are active for 72 hours before they need to be refreshed. See sample queries, and example below:

CREATE TABLE temp_table AS ( /* query to output to the temporary table */ )

May 2, 2018

New dcm_dt metadata tables

You can now query DCM Data Transfer metadata in Ads Data Hub. See table format and sample queries for more information.

April 12, 2018

New _rdid tables

You can now query mobile device IDs in the _rdid tables. Add _rdid to the end of any adh. table to query device_id_md5 instead of user_id. Use the is_in_rdid_project field to deduplicate events contained in standard and _rdid tables. See table format, sample queries, and join your data for more information.

New account linking workflow

You can now link AdWords, Bid Manager, and Campaign manager accounts with Ads Data Hub through their respective interfaces. You will need to know your Ads Data Hub account ID. Contact support if you have trouble finding it. Learn more

May 1, 2017


There is an updated custom query user interface for Ads Data Hub.