Contact support

Ads Data Hub Support Team offers the following services:

  • Account linking:

    • General questions about account linking
    • Troubleshooting issues or errors in the linking process
    • Linking accounts to Ads Data Hub where self-service linking is not available
  • Querying help:

    • Clarifying general schema questions
    • Troubleshooting query execution errors
    • Troubleshooting data discrepancy issues with 1st party reports
    • Troubleshooting unexpected query results

To resolve any of these issues, contact Ads Data Hub support. (You must be signed in to the account you use to access Ads Data Hub to view the contact form.)

Create a dataset for query troubleshooting

To enable Ads Data Hub support team to troubleshoot your query, you’ll need to write the output of your query to a new troubleshooting dataset and grant the support team BigQuery Data Viewer (roles/bigquery.dataViewer) access to the dataset. This allows the team to view output of your query, without granting access to any other data in your Google Cloud project. You can revoke access at any time.

  1. Create a dataset in your BigQuery project named adh_support.
  2. Grant your service account BigQuery Data Editor (roles/bigquery.dataEditor) access to adh_support.
  3. Grant BigQuery Data Viewer (roles/bigquery.dataViewer) access to adh_support. Optionally, give the dataset a default expiration time, so that results are automatically deleted.

Unsupported areas

The Ads Data Hub Support Team doesn’t support questions about:

  • The Ads Data Hub API. Create issues on Ads Data Hub's Google IssueTracker component.
  • Writing queries from scratch
  • Query optimization: fine-tuning queries to generate a specific dataset or for marginal performance improvements
  • Discrepancy between in-product and ADH measurement vendor reports
    • Reach out to your ADH measurement vendor directly to troubleshoot those discrepancies
  • Trouble accessing the Ads Data Hub UI.
    • Try using a supported browser. Currently, only Chrome is officially supported.