Ads Data Hub

Tailor your marketing measurement approach to your unique business needs. Ads Data Hub enables customized analysis that aligns with your specific business objectives, while respecting user privacy and upholding Google’s high standards of data security.

With Ads Data Hub, you can upload your first-party data into BigQuery and join it with Google event-level ad campaign data. Combining your data with Google event data can unlock insights, improve advertising efficiency, help you achieve data-driven business goals, and yield more effective campaign optimization. Results from Ads Data Hub are aggregated over a group of users, which allows Google to provide more complete data and still maintain end-user privacy.

A privacy-centric data warehouse

Ads Data Hub is built in a privacy-safe way, and its functionality differs significantly from other data warehousing solutions. Even experts with experience using other clean rooms and data warehousing solutions may need to learn how to operate effectively in Ads Data Hub.

Ads Data Hub protects user privacy in the following ways:

  • Underlying data cannot be inspected, as doing so would violate Ads Data Hub’s goal to share data in aggregate to prevent the re-identification of end users.
  • When privacy checks are triggered, rows can be filtered without warning.
  • Some privacy checks compare against your historical results, and can be triggered if your results don’t change adequately between jobs.

In order to help users operate effectively amidst privacy checks in Ads Data Hub, the platform includes a synthetic dataset. This dataset isn’t subject to privacy checks, and as such should be used for experimentation and query development. The sandbox can improve your query development workflow by giving you a better understanding of the underlying data.


Ads Data Hub makes it easy for you to protect and respect end-user privacy. In addition to robust privacy checks that help ensure the data from the platform is privacy-centric, Ads Data Hub lets you:
  • Match your first-party data to Google-hosted data in a privacy-centric manner.
  • Grant Ads Data Hub users (within and outside of your organization) access to your data, while maintaining privacy controls and not requiring them to acquire your data.
  • Host your data on servers in:
    • Australia
    • Europe (excluding London and Zurich)
    • Japan
    • the United States
Ads Data Hub is the only access point for events based on Google IDs and mobile device IDs, including user ids from publishers for measurement which enable holistic campaign measurement and analysis. Note that user IDs from certain publishers are only made available for measurement and not for activation.
Build and manage audiences for use in other Google ads products using the analyses that you perform using Ads Data Hub.
Ads Data Hub supports a variety of first-party data links. Using Ads Data Hub, you can connect mobile app data, offline transaction data, or data from a connected ID space.
Note: Viewability measurement is only available to advertisers and agencies.
Ads Data Hub gives you access to Campaign Manager 360 and Display & Video 360 Active View metrics, in addition to advanced viewability measurement for YouTube.
Although Ads Data Hub is in a closed beta, you can learn more about whether it's right for you by:
  • Working with your Google account team to determine if Ads Data Hub can meet your objectives.
  • Contacting your agency to understand the reporting and services offered via Ads Data Hub.
  • Checking the list of third-party vendors to to see if your preferred vendor is integrated with Ads Data Hub.

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