Account setup

This article will give you the information and context necessary for doing the initial set up of your Ads Data Hub account.

Ads Data Hub account setup overview

To set up an Ads Data Hub account you’ll need to:

  1. Structure your Ads Data Hub account.
  2. Configure your Google Cloud project(s):
    1. Designate an admin project.
    2. Enable the API on your admin project.
    3. Create a BigQuery dataset.
    4. Permission Ads Data Hub to write to your Google Cloud project.
  3. Provision user access.
  4. Link data to your Ads Data Hub account.

Structure your Ads Data Hub account

Ads Data Hub allows you to create sub-accounts under a parent account. A multi-tiered account structure lets you granularly provision user access and link Google ad platform accounts to individual sub-accounts.

The following graphic shows an account structure composed of multiple sub-accounts and child accounts. In this example users with access to a specific account could access all of the downstream accounts:

Image of account structure tree

Many users require a single account with no sub-accounts. In such cases, user access is solely determined by access roles. User access determines how users can interact with linked advertising data.

Users with complex organizational structures, such as large advertisers or agencies, may need to create multiple sub-accounts. In such cases, user access can be further restricted by limiting a given user’s access to a sub-account. If you believe that your organization needs a multi-tiered account structure, be sure to communicate this to your Google representative early on.

Configure your Google Cloud project(s)

Your Google Cloud project contains your Ads Data Hub results and any first-party data that you use to write first-party joins. Additionally, Google Cloud projects are the underlying foundation that billing and the usage of Google Cloud services are built upon.

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Designate an admin project

For administrative purposes, your Ads Data Hub account must be linked to a single, immutable Google Cloud project, known as the “admin project”. However, your Ads Data Hub account can also be linked to any number of mutable Google Cloud projects for the purpose of controlling input and output datasets.

You won’t be able to designate a different admin project after making your initial selection. Changing which project is your admin project can break your Ads Data Hub account. As such, it’s critical that you designate a permanent Google Cloud project as your admin project when setting up your account. Additionally, anticipate any upcoming changes in your organization (such as naming conventions) that may require changing your admin project.

Sample Google Cloud project configurations

Most users can use a single project (the default setup) that handles all functionality. This includes input and output data. This is the recommended setup, as introducing more projects creates additional complexity and overhead. However, if you’re worried that the single project setup won’t meet your needs, work with your Google representative to determine what structure will work best.

The default setup, a single project used for all functionality: Single project used for input and output datasets.

Separate input project, admin project for output: Separate projects. One is used for administration and input, the other is used for output.

Enable the API on your admin project

You'll need to enable the Ads Data Hub API on your admin project before creating an Ads Data Hub account. However, before you can enable the API, Ads Data Hub support must add the user enabling the API to the access control list governing API enablement.

The user enabling the API should have permission within the admin project. This could be someone outside of your organization. Send this user's email address to Ads Data Hub support.

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Create a BigQuery dataset

BigQuery datasets are where Ads Data Hub results are written, and one of the places where you can further analyze your data.

During account creation, a default dataset is entered into your Ads Data Hub account settings. This dataset is where results are written if you don’t specify a dataset during query execution.

The dataset ID consists of your project name and dataset name, i.e.: projectName.datasetName.

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Permission the Ads Data Hub account

In order for Ads Data Hub to write results to your Google Cloud project, you need to provide the Ads Data Hub service with “Data Editor” (roles/bigquery.dataEditor) access within your Google Cloud project. This can be done at either the project or dataset level; just make sure that Ads Data Hub has access to the datasets that you want it to write to.

You’ll need to add the service account credentials via the Identity and Access Management (IAM) page. You can find service account credentials under Settings > "Details" > "Service account" in your Ads Data Hub account.

Provision user access

Users will need access to both Ads Data Hub and BigQuery. Within Ads Data Hub they’ll write and run queries, and within BigQuery they’ll work with the results obtained from Ads Data Hub.

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In order to have ads data available for querying in Ads Data Hub you’ll need to link from the account associated with the Google ad product used by your team.

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