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Active View

A technology on YouTube and certain Display Network websites and apps, which allows Google to determine if an ad impression was viewable by a potential customer.

Ad event

A user interaction with an ad, such as a view or click.

Aggregate function

A set of SQL functions that summarize the contents of multiple rows into a single value.

Aggregation requirements

Thresholds governing the minimum number of users required for a given results set to be considered sufficiently aggregated. 10 for queries that only access clicks and conversions, 50 for all other types.


A user access role granting permission to write, edit, manage, and run queries.

Analytic functions

A set of SQL functions that compute values over a group of rows and return a single result for each row. Note: all analytic functions are blocked in Ads Data Hub.


Fully-managed and serverless enterprise data warehouse for storing and querying massive datasets.

BigQuery ML

Capability inside BigQuery that allows you to build and deploy machine learning models on massive structured or semi-structured datasets using SQL.

Difference checks

A category of privacy check that examines the difference between a current result and historical query results.

Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an access control tool that lets you manage permissions to your Google Cloud resources.

Cloud Functions

Event-driven, serverless compute platform that lets you create functions which respond to Google Cloud events without managing a server or runtime environment.

Cloud Pub/Sub

Fully-managed, real-time messaging service that allows you to send and receive messages between independent applications.

Cloud Scheduler

Managed cron service that lets you schedule units of work to be executed at defined times or regular intervals.

Cloud shell

Interface that provides command-line access to your Google Cloud resources directly from your browser

Cloud Source Repository

Fully-featured, scalable, and cloud-based Git repository to store, manage, and track code.

Compute Engine

Infrastructure as a Service component of Google Cloud Platform that lets you launch and use a scalable number of virtual machines on demand.

Deployment Manager

Infrastructure deployment service that automates the creation and management of Google Cloud Platform resources.

Filtered row summary

A catch-all row that tallies data that was filtered due to privacy checks. Importantly, this row itself can be filtered from your results if it reports on fewer users (in total) than aggregation requirements allow.


The conversion tracking system used by Google Marketing Platform.

Frequency cap

A limit on the number of times that an ad can be shown to a given user.

Full join

A SQL join-type that returns all rows from both tables, even if they don't meet the join criteria. If a given row doesn't join, the columns from the other table will return NULL.


Unified command-line tool for Google Cloud Platform and distributed via Google Cloud SDK.

Google data

Data from a Google-owned and operated product; for example, YouTube, Google Search, and Google Chrome. Learn more about the data that can be linked to Ads Data Hub and the rules for joining data.

Inner join

A SQL join type that returns all rows that meet the join condition. Only rows satisfying the join condition, or intersection, are returned.

Invalid traffic

Invalid traffic is any activity that doesn't come from a real user with genuine interest. It can include accidental clicks caused by intrusive ad implementations, fraudulent clicking by competing advertisers, advertising botnets and more.

Left join

A SQL join type that returns all rows from the "left" table. If a record in the right table doesn't join to anything in the left table, it will return NULL for all columns in the right table.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Information that could be used on its own to directly identify, contact, or precisely locate an individual. Examples include email addresses or phone numbers.

Relationship manager

A user access role granting permission to link and unlink data in an account.


Targeting users who have previously interacted with your ads, website, or app.

Right join

A SQL join type that behaves symmetrically to left joins.

Static checks

A category of privacy check that looks for potential privacy issues that can be identified before or during query execution.


A user access role granting full control and access to an account.


A category of YouTube ads in which users are given the choice to either skip or opt-in to an ad. If the ad is skipped, you aren't charged.


A metric measuring whether an ad was viewable or not.

  • A display ad qualifies as viewable when 50% or more of its area is visible on-screen for on1 or more seconds.
  • A video ad qualifies as viewable when 50% or more of its area is visible on-screen while the video plays for 2 or more seconds.