Fixed size banner ads

The Google Mobile Ads SDK supports fixed ad sizes for situations where adaptive banners ads don't meet your needs.

The following table lists the standard banner sizes.

Size in dp (WxH) Description Availability AdSize constant
320x50 Banner Phones and tablets GADAdSizeBanner
320x100 Large banner Phones and tablets GADAdSizeLargeBanner
300x250 IAB medium rectangle Phones and tablets GADAdSizeMediumRectangle
468x60 IAB full-size banner Tablets GADAdSizeFullBanner
728x90 IAB leaderboard Tablets GADAdSizeLeaderboard

To define a custom banner size, set your size using GADAdSizeFromCGSize:


let adSize = GADAdSizeFromCGSize(CGSize(width: 250, height: 250))


GADAdSize size = GADAdSizeFromCGSize(CGSizeMake(250, 250));

Fixed size banner ads example

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