Extending the Google Assistant

The Google Assistant gives users their own personal Google that helps them find, organize, and get things done in their world. The main way users interact with the Google Assistant is by carrying on a conversation with it.

Assistant apps extend the Google Assistant by letting you build actions that let users get things done with your products and services.

From computation to conversation

Unlike with traditional mobile or desktop apps, users interact with apps for the Google Assistant through a conversation or natural-sounding back and forth exchanges, and not traditional, computer-centric paradigms.

When you build an app for the Google Assistant, you design your conversations for a variety of surfaces, such as a voice-centric conversation for Google Home or a visual conversation on an Android phone. This lets users get things done quickly the way they want, either with voice or display affordances.

The app to the right shows how an educational experience can look like, where users have a conversation with an app to learn fun facts about numbers.

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