Connect a website

Associate websites you own with your actions through the Google Actions API in Google API Manager. You may want to connect a property with your actions for the following reasons:

  • You can claim certain, reserved invocation names: We reserve major brand names as invocation names for developers who prove they're affiliated with that brand. For example, if you want to use the name “Personal Chef,” you must first connect your agent with and verify your affiliation.
  • It may improve your ranking for certain user queries. Connecting your actions with a well known, legitimate website signals to Google that there are likely many users who would want to use your actions.

To connect websites with your actions: A list of the connected websites in the Google Actions API Manager.

  1. Go to the Connected properties tab in the Google Actions API Manager.

  2. Click New Connection.

  3. Enter the URL for the website you want to connect and click Verify.

  4. Google sends you an email confirming the request and an email to the website owner (verified in Search Console) asking them to confirm the association.

  5. After the website owner confirms the association, it's added to a list of your connected websites in the Connected properties tab, along with Available invocation terms you can use in your invocation name for the property.