Direct Actions

Direct Actions let you build experiences where the Google Assistant handles the entire user interaction and you handle the fulfillment. Direct Actions are great for home automation, media, communications use cases, and more.

Supported Verticals

We plan to support Direct Actions for the following verticals:

  • Food ordering - Make users' lives easier by letting them order food from their favorite restaurants for pickup or delivery.
  • Home Automation - Delight users by letting them control their lights, smart plugs, outlets, and thermostats through the Google Assistant. Stay tuned for new device categories that the Google Assistant will support in the future.
  • Home Services - Connect users with plumbers, handymen and other service providers available in their location, when they most need them.
  • Messaging - Build experiences to let users keep in touch with their favorite contacts with quick and easy messaging.
  • Music - Let users play and discover songs when and where they want.
  • News - Provide audio clips for news stories and updates that users care about. They can ask for the news throughout the day and get the latest information quickly and easily.
  • Reservations - Give users effortless ways to reserve things like a table at their favorite restaurant.
  • Shopping - Users can easily add your products to their shopping list and complete purchases through the Google Assistant.
  • Travel - Help users plan aspects of upcoming trips with quick and easy commands.
  • Video - Let users play clips, movies, TV shows, and more on Chromecast and Android phones, tablets, and TVs. Expose your services through the Google Assistant to help discovery and increase usage.