Link to your Actions

On a per-Action basis, you can generate a URL that will deep-link directly to the specific Action. Users who click the Action link in a web or mobile browser will be directed to the Assistant on their device, where they'll interact directly with your corresponding Action.

Some examples of useful Action links include:

  • Linking users to voice-guided instructions from a how-to website.
  • Linking users to a customer support experience off of a "get help" page.
  • Linking users to an Action with an opt-in for updates so they can opt-in to your future updates.

To generate a URL for an Action, do the following:

  1. In the Actions Console, navigate to Build > Actions.
  2. Click the Action you want to generate a link for.
  3. Under the Links section, enable Would you like to enable a URL for this Action.
  4. Enter a Link title. This title should include a verb that is descriptive of what the Action will do. For example, if your Action will take the user down a transaction flow to buy tickets to a concert, a useful link title would be "purchase concert tickets".
  5. Click Save.

You can copy the provided URL and reference it wherever you want to direct users to this specific Action.