Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is this FAQ?
    • This document summarizes answers to questions developers might have about the Google Assistant developer community program. You should also read the Terms and Conditions. If there's any difference between this FAQ and the Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions apply.
  • There is both the Community Program and a separate Community Program for Googlers. Where can I find out about the differences between the programs?
    • For the Community Program, read the Terms and Conditions. For the Community Program for Googlers, read the Terms and Conditions for Googlers. The Community Program for Googlers terms apply to employees, officers, directors, suppliers, staffing partners, and independent contractors of the member companies of Google LLC., their subsidiaries and affiliated companies and their immediate families and those living in their households.
  • What is the Google Assistant?
    • The Google Assistant allows you to have a natural conversation between you and Google. It's one Assistant that's ready to help you throughout your day. It is already accessible on more than 100M devices across Android phones, the iPhone, Google Home and other voice-activated speakers, Android TVs, wearables and our messaging app Allo but it is soon coming to additional devices and contexts.
  • What is Actions on Google?
    • Actions on Google is the platform that allows developers to build apps for the Google Assistant on Google Home and other voice-activated speakers, eligible Android phones, iPhones, Android TVs, headphones and soon everywhere else the Assistant is available.
  • How do I deploy an app for the Google Assistant?
    • You first submit an app via the Actions on Google console. If approved, the app will be deployed and will remain so unless it is taken down or becomes unhealthy.


  • Who is eligible to participate?
    • The Google Assistant developer community program is open to individuals who are (1) above the age of majority in the country, state, province or jurisdiction of residence (or at least twenty years old in Taiwan) at the time of entry; (2) not a resident of Brazil, Quebec, Crimea, Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, or Sudan; and (3) not a person or entity under U.S. export controls or sanctions.
  • I'm told I've earned a t-shirt or a Google Home. Do you ship to my country?
    • Benefits in the form of physical goods may only be shipped to Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada (except Quebec), Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States.
  • I deployed my app before October 2017, am I eligible?
    • Any app for the Google Assistant deployed before July 31, 2018 at 11:59 PM (PST) that is in good standing (healthy and policy compliant) when we check is eligible.
  • I deployed an app and took it down. Do I still get a t-shirt?
    • The app needs to be deployed and in good standing when we check. We check monthly, so if you took it down, bring it back up and keep it in good standing.
  • I'm a high school student. Am I eligible?
    • Yes, as long as you are above the age of majority in the country, state, province or jurisdiction of residence


  • How do I earn a t-shirt?
  • How do I earn Google Cloud credit?
    • Developers who have at least one deployed app in good standing for the Google Assistant may receive up to $200 per month of Google Cloud credit for one year.
  • How do I earn a Google Home?
    • Developers with an app that achieves "Getting initial traction", "Keeping users engaged", or "Taking your app global" are eligible for a Google Home. Only one Google Home per developer.
  • What's the eligibility for the "Getting initial traction" milestone?
    • This milestone is based on an app's daily active users averaged over a month. So, get the word out about your app!
  • What's the eligibility for the "Keeping users engaged" milestone?
    • This milestone is based on an app's average return rate: users who've used the app and come back again.
  • What's the eligibility for the "Taking your app global" milestone?
    • Once your app is deployed in at least two languages each with some daily-active users, you've achieved this milestone.
  • Can you give more-specific numbers needed to achieve these milestones?
    • Not right now as we are fine-tuning our program. Stay tuned as we share more details about this and other achievements.
  • I used a template to build my app. Does that count?
    • Yes, but the app must have at least 50 unique questions if building with the trivia or flash card templates. For personality quiz, the app must have at least 5 traits with at least 3 questions per trait, and 5 outcomes. These must be your original work.

Google Cloud credit

  • When do Google Cloud credits expire?
    • After we email you the credits, you have 60 days to apply them to your account. Credits expire one year after you apply the credit to your account.
  • Can I use the Google Cloud credits for my other projects?
    • Google Cloud credits are intended for use only for your app for the Google Assistant.

Additional Questions

  • How do I know if I've achieved a milestone?
    • Google will email the address associated with your Actions on Google project. The email includes instructions for how to claim benefits. Please note that you may end up receiving more than one email depending on the milestone you reached.
  • I believe I achieved a milestone, but I didn't receive a notice via email.
    • If you've opted out of receiving email from Google, you will not receive the notices. Contact our support team to check your eligibility.
  • How long do I have to claim my benefits?
    • You have 60 days from the day we first emailed you. If you have opted out of receiving emails from our team, reach out to our support team to ask if you are eligible or re-enable receiving marketing emails from the Actions console.
  • Where can I find my "Project ID"?
    • Visit the Actions on Google console, press the settings gear in the top left, and then "Project Settings". You will see your project ID listed.
  • I submitted my request for a t-shirt or Google Home, but it hasn't arrived.
  • Do I have to use Dialogflow?
    • Nope, but it is a great development platform that is tightly integrated with Actions on Google — so give it a try!
  • I don't see my question in the list, is there an email I can reach you at?