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We're looking to invest and work closely with early stage companies that are moving the voice and assistance ecosystem forward. If your company is developing technologies that broaden the Assistant’s set of features, building new hardware devices for digital assistants, or focusing on a particular industry such as travel, games, or hospitality, we'd like to hear from you.


We provide a set of benefits to companies that work with us, including:

  • Investment capital to help you grow.
  • Access to Google teams (technical teams, business development, product leads, etc.)
  • Early access to new features and programs.
  • Credits for Google products including Google Cloud.
  • Potential co-marketing opportunities.


Aiva Health is the voice operating system for better healthcare. We put smart speakers into hospitals and senior communities to reduce response times and improve satisfaction for patients, seniors, and caregivers alike.

BotSociety is a conversational design suite that allows you to design, prototype, and user test your next voice interface.

Go Moment created Ivy, the world's largest AI powered travel chatbot. Ivy elevates the guest experience with instant answers to common questions and quick service from staff when needed.

Edwin is an AI-powered English learning service delivered by chatbots, voice assistants, and humans. Edwin prepares students for standardized tests, such as TOEFL and TOEIC.

Maison Me sells AI-designed made-to-order clothing informed by each individual user’s data. We collect this data while providing our users with free personalized what-to-wear recommendations.

Pulse Labs provides human-centered testing, measurement, and analysis for voice applications to aid developers in creating engaging and enjoyable experiences.

Our Team

Ilya Gelfenbeyn - Head of Google Assistant Investments

Ilya is the Head of the Google Assistant Investments program.

Ilya previously co-founded Dialogflow (formerly known as API.AI), a developer platform for building conversational experiences, and served as its CEO before Google acquired the company in September 2016. Prior to launching API.AI, the company built, the highest rated independent voice assistant in the world with 40M+ users.

Brock Huber - Founding Lead

Brock is a Founding Lead of the Google Assistant Investments program.

Brock joined Google's corporate development team over two years ago and has led acquisitions for several Google product areas including Image Search, Research, Assistant and Communications. Prior to Google, Brock worked in both middle market and bulge bracket investment banking - supporting a wide range of transactions for clients across the technology industry.

Sudipta Chatterjee - Technical Partnerships

Sudipta Chatterjee is a Technical Solutions Consultant for the Google Assistant Investments program.

Sudipta has been with Google for three years. He's helped launch the Assistant on many platforms, with various features.

Eliza Coogan - Operations Manager

Eliza Coogan is an Operations Manager for the Google Assistant Investments program.

Eliza joined Google over three years ago and has previously worked in business operations and sales.

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