Add a special request box

It is common for reservation systems to allow users to input a special request when making a reservation. Users can leave a note for the reservation such as if the occasion is a special event, or if there are any restrictions that the merchant needs to know about. The Actions Center can support this functionality by enabling the special request box feature. This feature is a partner wide setting and can not be set per merchant.

Here are few common use-cases:

  • To inform that the occasion is special event
  • If the user has any dietary restrictions that the restaurant needs to know about
  • Add more specific details to a generic service provided by the partner.
Figure 2: special request box in the waitlist flow
Figure 2: special request box in the waitlist flow

Below are the steps to enable this feature:

  1. Set supports_additional_reqeust section of your WaitlistRules in the Services Feed to true in Sandbox.
  2. Our server will start filling additional_request field in CreateWaitlistEntry in Sandbox.
  3. In Sandbox, test to ensure the special requests (additional_request) are properly handled.
  4. When tested and ready, send your Services Feed with supports_additional_request = true to your Production dropbox, and make any corresponding to your Proudction booking server environment.