Other Dashboards


The pages within the "Dashboards" section provide information about booking server health, inventory information, and other important information related to your Reservations Waitlists integration.

Booking Server

The Booking Server dashboard provides time-series and detailed charts about your booking server's endpoint success and failure rates, and your booking server's latency.

Real-time Updates

The Real-time Updates dashboard provides information about the success and failure rates for real-time API updates.

Inventory Summary

The Inventory Summary dashboard provides historical information about inventory (merchants, services, availability) that you are submitting to Google.

Inventory Details

The Inventory Details dashboard provides detailed information about all of the current inventory that you have submitted to the Actions Center. You may search and filter most of the charts by merchant ID, service ID, merchant name, or service name.

Tables on the Inventory Details dashboard

Unsupported Services

In order to be live on the Actions Center, a service needs to meet all eligibility criteria. Refer to the “Unsupported Services” table in the Inventory Details dashboard of the Partner Portal to see a list of these ineligible services that have been disabled. Services may be disabled for one or more of the following reasons:

Unsupported service The service does not meet eligibility requirements. Refer to Merchant and Service Eligibility for a list of supported and unsupported services.
Invalid price for service The price appears to be inaccurate for this type of service.
Invalid payment option The payment option(s) specified for the service are invalid.
Other The issue identified with this service does not fall into one of the above categories. Please check the data format of the service, or open a case on Partner Portal if you are unable to identify the issue.

Match Status for Unmatched Merchants

Merchants may be unmatched due to the any of the following reasons:

Match Status
Pending Review This status requires you to review the potential matches using the matching tool in the Partner Portal to select the right match.
Rejected The potential match shown was rejected during review due to mismatch in its name and/or address, or the potential match shown does not meet the criteria for our platform.

Availability Checker

The Availability Checker dashboard summarizes the results of all CheckAvailability, BatchAvailabilityLookup requests. The purpose of this dashboard is to aid the investigation and diagnosis of discrepancies between Google's model of your inventory derived from feeds/real-time-updates and that provided by your booking server. To support this end, it provides a breakdown of inventory and request errors by time, merchant and other factors.

These errors break down into two categories:

  1. Basic request errors (http code 400, malformed payload, etc)
  2. Unavailable inventory. As we only request slots that we think are free, any time we receive an availability count of 0 means that there is some discrepancy in our models.

The results are based on calls to the BatchAvailabilityLookup, CheckAvailability endpoints. These calls can be triggered by one of the following source:

  1. The Availability Checker tool which randomly samples your inventory
  2. Slot Display: For partners with BatchAvailabilityLookup, our front-end will confirm a slot is available before displaying it
  3. Users clicking on a desired timeslot on our front-end

All of these tables are updated once an hour.

Live Merchants

The Live Merchants dashboard provides information about merchants that are currently live on the Actions Center. This dashboard also provides a historical view of the number of merchants who have been live on the platform over time.