Add multiple pass types

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Multiple passes can be added to the user’s Google Wallet account when clicking the “Add to Google Wallet” button. Each pass being added can be a different pass type (except for Vaccine Cards and Test Records). For instance, an event ticket and an offer can be added within a given JWT, as shown below.

  "aud": "google",
  "iat": “YOUR_ISSUER_ID”,
  "typ": "savetogooglepay",
  "payload": {
    "offerObjects": [
        "classId": "YOUR_ISSUER_ID.offClassId",
        "id": "YOUR_ISSUER_ID.offer"
    "eventTicketObjects": [
        "classId": "YOUR_ISSUER_ID.evClassId",
        "id": "YOUR_ISSUER_ID.event"
  "origins": []

Click this link is an example JWT showing the flow would be presented to the user while saving multiple passes. The user will see the number of passes being saved while adding the passes to the device. After they are added, the passes can be found in the wallet.