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Deploying applications using the Tango framework to Google Play requires only one additional step to the normal Android distribution process. To make sure your application can only be installed by Tango compatible devices, add the following line to your application's manifest file, inside the <application> tag.

    <uses-library android:name="com.projecttango.libtango_device2" android:required="true" />

If you want to have a single APK for both Tango and non-Tango devices, detect Tango capabilities at runtime and provide the appropriate experience.


Developers of Augmented Reality apps are responsible for taking the necessary steps to ensure their app is safe for all audiences.

Augmented Reality apps that opt-in to the Designed for Families program must include a safety warning upon launch of the app that contains the following:

  1. An appropriate message about the importance of parental supervision
  2. A reminder to be aware of physical hazards in the real world (e.g., be aware of your surroundings)

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