Updating the Unity SDK

In some versions of Unity, attempting to import a newer version of the Project Tango SDK will cause updated files to be renamed instead of overwritten. If this happens to you, follow the instructions below to delete the previously imported SDK files and relink the files.

First, delete the following folders or directories from your Assets folder:

  • TangoSDK directory.
  • TangoPrefabs directory.
  • Google-Unity directory.
  • Tango files in the Plugins/Android directory. Unless you have added other files to that directory, delete all files in the directory.
  • (optional) If updating from older versions of the SDK, also delete TangoInspector, TangoMenu, and TangoSDKAbout from the Editor folder.

Next, Go to Assets > Import Package > Custom Package..., select the new TangoSDK Unity package, and click Import.

After the import is done, go to Assets > Reimport All, which will relink all of the package files with their dependencies.

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