Getting Started with Unity for Tango

To develop applications in Unity for your Tango device, you'll need the following things:

In addition to these files, you will need to do a few more things:

When you plug your device into your computer, you should see an icon with three vertical bars in the notification area and "USB debugging connected" in the notification drawer. If you don't, you'll need to enable USB debugging by following step 2 here.

The first time you build a project for Android in Unity, you will be asked to locate the folder where you installed the SDK. You can also manually set the location by going to Unity > Preferences > External Tools > Android SDK Location.

Tango requires a minimum Android API level of at least 17 in Unity. You can set this under Build Settings. Navigate to File > Build Settings > Android and click on Player Settings.... Under Other Settings find the Minimum API Level field, and set it to Android 4.2 'Jelly Bean' (APK level 17) or higher.

After you're set up, try making a simple VR application on Tango using our Unity How-to guide for motion tracking. Also check out our Unity code samples on GitHub for more inspiration!

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