Empowering AI entrepreneurs to build successful companies

A full-service studio that provides tailored technical and product support to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning startups, all in one place.

About the program

We focus on applying tech to product. Thanks in great part to the open-source movement, it's easier than ever to build a technology company. However, AI & ML innovation is still in its nascent phase and very hard to apply in the building of comprehensive solutions and scalable products.

We want to make technology accessible. In line with recent announcements made by Google's CEO Sundar Pichai and Chief Scientist Fei Fei Li, Launchpad is more committed than ever to make new technological advances, like AI and ML, universally accessible and useful to startups globally.

We offer tools and best practices to apply AI to products. With this in mind, Launchpad Studio aims to be a go-to hub for the world’s best AI entrepreneurs by empowering them on their journeys, as they build next-gen products that matter.

Studio services

We start with a "diagnostic" to understand what your startup's goals and biggest challenges are. Based on our assessment, we provide a customized offering for your AI startup and invite you to work with us at Launchpad Studio in San Francisco.

Services tailored to each startup's unique needs and challenge can include:

  • Applied AI integration toolkit: Datasets, testing environments, rapid prototyping, simulation tools, and architecture troubleshooting.
  • Product validation support: Industry-specific proof of concept and pilots, as well as use case workshops with Fortune 500 industry practitioners and other experts.
  • Access to AI experts: Best practice advice from our global community of AI thought leaders, which includes Peter Norvig, Dan Ariely, Yossi Matias, Chris DiBona, and more.
  • Access to AI practitioners and investors: Interaction with some of the best AI and ML engineers, product managers, industry leaders and VCs from Google, Silicon Valley, and other international locations.


We are based in San Francisco at Launchpad Space.

"Innovation is open to everyone, worldwide. With this global program we have now an important opportunity to support entrepreneurs everywhere in the world who are aiming to use ML and AI to solve for the biggest challenges."

-Yossi Matias, VP of Engineering, Google