Discussion Groups and Issue Reporting

Step one: which system?

Google has multiple DNS related products and systems. Be sure to report your problems in the appropriate place, to reach someone who can help with the affected system.

  • If the problem relates to resolving www.google.com, www.youtube.com, or other Google properties in general, including geo-targeting:
    • If you operate an ISP use Google's ISP Portal to report the issue. (Request access first, if necessary.) Or, read the peering FAQ for more.
    • If you are a customer of an ISP please contact them, and ask them to reach out to Google as per the above bullet point.
  • If you use Google Domains' default settings to host your authoritative DNS (and others are having trouble with your domain), reach out to their support.
  • If you are observing a problem that happens with Google Public DNS but not other resolvers, continue reading this page.

Discussion groups

You can post and subscribe to the following groups to get updates on Google Public DNS, and to discuss the design and implementation of Google Public DNS and DNS infrastructure in general:

  • public-dns-discuss

    This is a forum for presenting and discussing new ideas, products, and initiatives that improve DNS infrastructure across the Internet. You can also use it to provide feedback on Google Public DNS features. This forum is moderated; your message only appears after it is approved. Do not use this to report security-related issues; report them on the Issue Tracker as noted below.

  • public-dns-announce

    This is a read-only list where you can get information on new versions, releases, and features of Google Public DNS, as well as current status of the service.

Reporting issues

If you encounter a problem with Google Public DNS, first please run the diagnostic tests. If the issue is that a specific domain cannot be resolved by Google Public DNS, check it with intoDNS and DNSViz for name server or DNSSEC problems. These cause most reported issues, and you can often solve them yourself.

If you are unable to resolve the problem, and would like to report an issue, you have two options:

  • Post to public-dns-discuss. This shares your report publicly, and allows you to get feedback from other Google Public DNS users. If your report is security-related, do not post it here; please use the Issue Tracker as noted below.

  • Open an issue in the Issue Tracker. Please use this option to report any security-related issues, such as Google Public DNS returning results that should fail DNSSEC validation. See the details section below.

In either case, please include the following information in your report:

  • The date and time you encountered the problem
  • Your location
  • The platform on which you are noticing the problem (e.g. Mac, Windows, router, etc.)
  • The hostname(s) for which you are having a problem
  • Whether the problem is continuous or intermittent
  • The links to the tools' name server diagnosis report page
  • The output of the commands you ran in the diagnostic tests

Details on Issue Tracker

There are two components for Public DNS in the Issue Tracker. They have templates for common problems to help you provide the right information for us to investigate.

Filing an issue in either of the two components gives the issue a tracking number and a Google Public DNS engineer will be assigned to handle it. You can view the issue's history and status as it is updated. For more help with the Issue Tracker itself please see its documentation.