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Note: Secure Data Connector has been deprecated as of March 14, 2013 and is no longer accepting sign-ups. For existing users, it will continue to function until at least April 20, 2015.

Connect data from behind your firewall to Google Apps

Google Apps provides powerful communication, collaboration, and productivity tools right from the browser. But even if your business uses Google Apps, much of your enterprise's data is probably still stored behind a firewall - making it inaccessible to your users when they're not connected to the corporate network.

The Secure Data Connector (SDC) helps you build custom applications so that your Google Apps users can request access to this data.

Access your corporate data in the browser
SDC lets you access your data from within Google Gadgets, Google App Engine, and Google Spreadsheets. SDC provides an agent to connect your Google Apps domain to your behind-the-firewall data sources.
Control the use of your data
SDC lets you restrict which users and applications can make requests to your internal services. You can use our partners or your own internal authentication systems to validate and authorize those requests.
Build custom apps for your business
SDC lets you extend your enterprise systems into Google Apps. You can easily build gadgets or
Google App Engine applications that make use of both private and public data.

How do I start?

  1. Download the latest version of SDC
  2. Read an overview of SDC
  3. Check out the tutorials to see how to use SDC with Google App Engine, Google Gadgets, and Google Spreadsheets