New Search Ads 360

The new Search Ads 360 assigns new IDs to user accounts, campaigns, ad groups, keywords (criteria), and ads. There are two additional behavior changes for these IDs:

  • The new Search Ads 360 assigns a globally unique customer ID to manager, sub-manager, and client accounts, formally known as agencies, advertisers and engine accounts, respectively.

  • The new Search Ads 360 no longer assigns unique IDs to keywords and ads.

The conversion API now accepts new Search Ads 360 customer IDs wherever agency ID, advertiser ID, and engine account IDs are accepted. If you specify a customer API, the API expects campaign ID, ad group ID, keyword ID, and ad ID to be new Search Ads 360 IDs. When using new Search Ads 360 keyword or ad IDs, you must specify the associated campaign and ad group IDs whenever your request uses a keyword or ad ID.

When you use a new Search Ads 360 ID in your request, the response will also use the new Search Ads 360 IDs.

List conversions

There is a new endpoint for the list request with new Search Ads 360 ID. You need to provide a client account customer ID. Also you can still specify the campaign ID and ad group ID to list in query parameters. And the endDate, rowCount, startDate, and startRow are still required.

HTTP request


Insert/update conversion

We support the following request using the new Search Ads 360 ID:

  • Attribute a conversion to a keyword only
  • Update conversion with the conversion's criterionId (keyword ID) specified

The endpoints are still the same. You should provide the new Search Ads 360 ID in each conversion resource: Instead of setting agencyId, advertiserId and engineAccountId, you should provide customerId, and use the new Search Ads 360 ID in campaignId, adGroupId, criterionId, adId when necessary.

Here is the example request of how to use the new Search Ads 360 ID to attribute a conversion to a keyword.

  "conversion" : [
      "customerId": "123-123-1234"
      "campaignId": "10000001",
      "adGroupId": "20000001",
      "criterionId": "30000001",
      "conversionId": "floodlight conversion ID 1",
      "conversionTimestamp": "1660799917714",
      "type": "ACTION",
      "quantityMillis": "1000",
      "segmentationType": "FLOODLIGHT",
      "segmentationName": "Test"