Pricing, Quotas, and Limits


Use of the Search Ads 360 API is included in the overall pricing of Search Ads 360. There are no additional fees for using the API.


The Search Ads 360 API assigns a daily quota for the number of requests a Google API project can send. After the quota is reached, additional requests return an error, and all clients authenticated through this project need to wait until the next day to send additional requests. Daily quotas are reset at midnight Pacific Time.

Quotas are organized into three separate buckets:

  • Reports.generate(): The number of Reports.generate() requests you can make.
  • Reports.request(): The number of Reports.request() requests you can make. This number varies depending on the amount of computation time needed to produce the reports. For example, you can request many small, simple reports, or fewer large, complex reports.
  • Default: The number of requests you can make to poll report status, download reports, and list and upload conversions.

Note that you cannot borrow from one bucket to increase quota in another bucket.

View usage and quotas

To view current usage and compare it to the daily quotas, do the following:

  1. Sign into the Google API Console with a Google Account that was used to generate credentials.
  2. Visit the Enabled APIs page of the API library in the API Console, and select the Search Ads 360 API from the list.
  3. Click the Quotas tab. The Quotas tab shows the usage and limits for the API project. By default, limits are set to the same number of requests as the project's quota. You can lower the limits to prevent users from using up the project's quota. Limits are mostly intended for billable projects, or for projects with a large number of users. Since the Search Ads 360 API isn't billable and usually doesn't have a large number of users, you may want to keep the default setting.

  4. To see if someone has set a limit that's below the quota, click the edit icon next to a query type. A popup appears and displays the quota. For example, if you click the edit icon next to Report generation queries per day, a popup appears with text something like "Enter a number between 1 and 10,000." In this case, 10,000 is the project's quota for report generation queries.

Request additional quota

If a request returns an error indicating that the quota limit has been exceeded, first view usage and limits to make sure you're not simply exceeding the limit. If you've already set limits to the maximum quota, contact support and request additional quota.