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Get started on building your ads solution with the Privacy Sandbox, and enabling your critical advertising use cases without relying on cross-site tracking. Learn, build, and provide feedback on the Privacy Sandbox Private advertising APIs, which include Attribution Reporting, Protected Audience, Topics, Fenced Frames, and Shared Storage.

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Explore the core Private advertising APIs

Learn about the different APIs that the Privacy Sandbox offers.
The Protected Audience API serves remarketing and custom audience use cases without third party cross-site tracking.
The Attribution Reporting API enables measurement of ad performance without third party cross-site tracking.
The Private Aggregation API has been built for aggregating and reporting on cross-site data in a privacy-preserving manner.
The Topics API enables interest-based advertising while preserving user privacy.

Explore the additional services, infrastructure, and APIs

Learn about the shared services that work with the Private advertising APIs.
The Aggregation Service processes aggregatable reports from the Attribution API or Private Aggregation API to create a summary report.
Shared Storage allows unlimited, cross-site storage write access with privacy-preserving read access.
The Bidding and Auction server allows a Protected Audience computation to take place in a trusted execution environment rather than running locally on device.
The SDK Runtime allows SDKs to run in a dedicated sandbox that's separate from the calling app.

Engage and share feedback

Ask questions and join discussions on the Privacy Sandbox Developer Support repo.
File a Chromium bug to ask questions about Privacy Sandbox on Chrome.