Class List

Class List
The classes and protocols in the Google Places SDK for iOS:
GMSAddressComponentRepresents a component of an address, e.g., street number, postcode, city, etc
GMSAutocompleteFetcherGMSAutocompleteFetcher is a wrapper around the lower-level autocomplete APIs that encapsulates some of the complexity of requesting autocomplete predictions as the user is typing
<GMSAutocompleteFetcherDelegate>Protocol for objects that can receive callbacks from GMSAutocompleteFetcher
GMSAutocompleteFilterThis class represents a set of restrictions that may be applied to autocomplete requests
GMSAutocompleteMatchFragmentThis class represents a matched fragment of a string
GMSAutocompletePredictionThis class represents a prediction of a full query based on a partially typed string
GMSAutocompleteResultsViewControllerGMSAutocompleteResultsViewController provides an interface that displays place autocomplete predictions in a table view
<GMSAutocompleteResultsViewControllerDelegate>Protocol used by GMSAutocompleteResultsViewController, to communicate the user's interaction with the controller to the application
GMSAutocompleteSessionTokenThis class represents an session token to uniquely identify an series of queries to the Google Places API Services for fetching place predictions for a partial search string
GMSAutocompleteTableDataSourceGMSAutocompleteTableDataSource provides an interface for providing place autocomplete predictions to populate a UITableView by implementing the UITableViewDataSource and UITableViewDelegate protocols
<GMSAutocompleteTableDataSourceDelegate>Protocol used by GMSAutocompleteTableDataSource, to communicate the user's interaction with the data source to the application
GMSAutocompleteViewControllerGMSAutocompleteViewController provides an interface that displays a table of autocomplete predictions that updates as the user enters text
<GMSAutocompleteViewControllerDelegate>Protocol used by GMSAutocompleteViewController, to communicate the user's interaction with the controller to the application
GMSEventA class representing a open/close event in GMSPeriod
GMSOpeningHoursA class to handle storing and accessing opening hours information for GMSPlace
GMSPeriodA class representing a period of time where the place is operating for a GMSPlace
GMSPlaceRepresents a particular physical place
GMSPlaceLikelihoodRepresents a GMSPlace and the relative likelihood of the place being the best match within the list of returned places for a single request
GMSPlaceLikelihoodListRepresents a list of places with an associated likelihood for the place being the correct place
<GMSPlaceLocationBias>Protocol for specifying that the location can be used as search bias
<GMSPlaceLocationRestriction>Protocol for specifying that the location can be used as search restriction
GMSPlacePhotoMetadataThe metadata corresponding to a single photo associated with a place
GMSPlacePhotoMetadataListA list of GMSPlacePhotoMetadata objects
GMSPlacesClientMain interface to the Places SDK
GMSPlaceSpecialDayRepresents information on a particular day which may have opening hours different than normal
GMSPlaceViewportInfoGMSPlaceViewportInfo represents a rectangular bounding box on the Earth's surface
GMSPlusCodeA class containing the Plus codes representation for a location
GMSTimeA class representing time in hours and minutes in a 24hr clock