Google Maps SDK for iOS

GMSGeocoder Class Reference


Exposes a service for reverse geocoding.

This maps Earth coordinates (latitude and longitude) to a collection of addresses near that coordinate.

Public Member Functions

(void) - reverseGeocodeCoordinate:completionHandler:
 Reverse geocodes a coordinate on the Earth's surface.

Static Public Member Functions

(GMSGeocoder *) + geocoder
 Convenience constructor for GMSGeocoder.

Member Function Documentation

Convenience constructor for GMSGeocoder.

- (void) reverseGeocodeCoordinate: (CLLocationCoordinate2D)  coordinate
completionHandler: (GMSReverseGeocodeCallback)  handler 

Reverse geocodes a coordinate on the Earth's surface.

coordinateThe coordinate to reverse geocode.
handlerThe callback to invoke with the reverse geocode results. The callback will be invoked asynchronously from the main thread.

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