Spring Boot on Google Cloud Quiz

  1. App Engine is a platform as a service (PaaS) that can run your Java app using JAR packaging. When deploying to App Engine Java 11 standard environment, you can use ___.
  2. In addition to Docker, the easiest way to containerize your Java app is with ___.
  3. When developing and running your app in Cloud Shell, you can access your Java app on port 8080 by ___.
  4. In a microservices architecture, if you'd like to see the interactions and calls between different microservices, then you can ___.
  5. When creating a microservice with asynchronous messaging, you can use Pub/Sub with ___.

    Choose as many answers as you see fit.

  6. Match the Spring Cloud GCP Starter module with the Google Cloud services and the use case

    Each answer only matches one item.

    Spring Cloud GCP Starter Trace

    Spring Cloud GCP Starter Cloud Pub/Sub

    Spring Cloud GCP Starter Storage

    Spring Cloud GCP Starter Cloud Datastore

    Spring Cloud GCP Starter SQL - MySQL

  7. Memorystore is a Redis-compatible, managed cache service. To use Memorystore with Spring, you need to ___.

    Choose as many answers as you see fit.

  8. Which of the following is true about Cloud SQL?