Get started with mobile text classification

  1. Text classification is the process of having a neural network learn how to understand the ___ of a piece of text.

  2. Fill-in-the-blanks

    Enter one or more words to complete the sentence.

    TensorFlow models need to be converted into this kind of model, identified by the ___ file extension, to be used within a mobile app.

  3. True or false? When you design a neural network, it takes data in and it gives you inferences about that data using strings.

  4. To separate the inference logic, where your app uses the model, from the user interface, you can create another ___ to handle the model inference.

  5. True or false? Users will often misspell words to bypass a spam filter. There is not a way to avoid this.

  6. To retrain a model with custom labeling of text as spam or not spam, edit the ___.