Build an Android app with Jetpack Compose and Firebase

  1. Each page of an Android app that's built with Jetpack Compose and follows the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture should include which of the following?

  2. Kotlin coroutines are which of the following?

  3. How do you differentiate a regular Kotlin function from a composable function?

  4. How do you ensure that composable functions stay aware of updated documents stored in Cloud Firestore?

  5. Firebase Performance Monitoring lets you do which of the following?

    Choose as many answers as you see fit.

  6. How do you monitor performance data associated with specific code in your app?

  7. True or false? You can use Firebase Remote Config to introduce features to a percentage of your users so that you can measure their impact before you release them to your entire user base.

  8. Which of the following Remote Config API methods is mandatory and should you call as soon as the app starts?

  9. What's the best way to fix a customer issue in your app?

  10. To identify the production environment in the Firebase console, you should look for which of the following icons?