Google APIs: Authentication and authorization

Learn about Google APIs, and how to secure and control access to them in your project.


Using OAuth 2.0 with Google APIs


This video introduces OAuth 2.0 and Google Scopes, explains how Google APIs are enabled and searched for, and how API quotas are monitored in a Google Cloud project.

Search for and select Google APIs


Learn how to search for and select Google APIs, and how to view their metrics.

Different ways to secure your app


Learn about the different types of authentication and authorization, including short-lived service account credentials, OAuth 2.0, Google's Identity and Access Management (IAM) service, and Google's Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP) service.

Call APIs from a Google Cloud project


Learn how to create a Google Cloud project and then call an API from that project.

Use OAuth 2.0 tokens on your website, app, and servers


Learn how to use OAuth 2.0 tokens on your website, app, and servers.

Grant access to your project with IAM


Learn how to use Google Cloud Console to grant IAM roles to principals for your project.

Authenticate users with IAP

Codelab Optional

Learn how to create your own app, restrict access to it, and get user identity from IAP.

Quiz: Authenticate and authorize Google APIs

Pass this quiz to earn a badge.