Boost your web apps with Fugu APIs

Learn how to extend web apps, and close the gap between the web and native apps.


Explore new and upcoming browser capabilities

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Learn how to close the capability gap between the web and platform-specific apps, and make it easy to build great experiences on the open web.

Best practices for SMS OTP forms

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Learn about use cases and best practices for building an SMS OTP form.

Tabbed app mode for PWAs

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Learn about tabbed app mode, which lets PWA developers offer their users a tabbed document interface to, for example, enable the editing of different files in the same PWA window.

Accessing hardware devices on the web

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Learn how to pick the best API to communicate with a hardware device, such as a webcam or microphone, on the web.

Connecting to uncommon HID devices

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Learn about WebHID API, which lets you implement device-specific logic in JavaScript to give websites access to such things as alternative auxiliary keyboards and exotic gamepads.

Read from and write to a serial port

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Learn about the Web Serial API, which lets websites communicate with serial devices with JavaScript either through a serial port on the user's system, or through removable USB and Bluetooth devices that emulate a serial port.

Access USB Devices on the web

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Learn how you can provide device drivers for the web for non-standardized USB devices that would otherwise require hardware vendors to write native drivers and SDKs.

Streams—The definitive guide

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Learn how to use readable and writable streams, and transform them with the Streams API.

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