Add Firebase to your Flutter app: Advanced

Learn how to use Firebase features for Flutter, including user authentication, data deletion, feature flagging, and crash tracking.




Learn about the features covered in this pathway and what they can do for your app, including Firebase Authentication, multi-factor authentication (MFA), Cloud Firestore, Firebase Remote Config, and Firebase Crashlytics.

Get to know Firebase for Flutter


Learn how to build an event RSVP and guestbook chat app on Android, iOS, the Web, and macOS with Flutter, how to authenticate users with Authentication, and how to sync data with Cloud Firestore.

Add multi-factor authentication to your Flutter app


Learn how to add SMS MFA to your Flutter app to increase the security of your app.

Manage data retention with TTL policies


Learn how to use time-to-live (TTL) policies to automatically remove stale and obsolete data from your databases to decrease storage costs.

Roll out new features safely, confidently, and reliably


Learn how the Firebase workflow works with alpha and beta channels, and lets large teams test new features internally and then confidently do a staged roll out.

What's new in Crashlytics for Flutter


Learn how Crashlytics provides helpful crash reporting APIs, a revamped analysis engine for Flutter crashes, and simplified onboarding and plugin configuration.

See the app run on Android, iOS, and Web


See the app run on Android, iOS, and Web.

Add Firebase to your Flutter app: Advanced quiz

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