We occasionally conduct workshops focused on the Google Ads API. These workshops are your opportunity to learn how to achieve your technical and business goals using the Google Ads API.

Information about upcoming workshops will be announced on the Google Ads Developer blog.

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Welcome to the Google Ads API Migration Workshop

In this session, we\u2019ll share everything you need to know about the event, including what you should expect to get out of the workshops, an overview of the various sessions, how to ask questions and get support, and key resources you\u2019ll need to get the most out of the workshop.

Whats new in the Google Ads API

The Google Ads API offers a variety of new features, modern technologies, paradigms, and developer tools. In this session, we’ll highlight many of the exciting changes between the AdWords API and the Google Ads API and walk through several new features that are offered exclusively in the Google Ads API.

Getting Started - Credentials and Account Access

Follow along as we illustrate several key concepts related to credentials and account access in the Google Ads API with the Google Ads Doctor (oauthdoctor). In this interactive session, you’ll learn how to get started with the Google Ads API and troubleshoot issues along the way.

Flexible Reporting

Reporting and data retrieval in the Google Ads API follows an entirely new paradigm as compared with the AdWords API. In this session, you’ll learn the fundamentals of reporting and data retrieval, as well as the new Google Ads Query Language (or GAQL). We will cover several key concepts and walk through a variety of GAQL queries to demonstrate the power and flexibility of reporting with the Google Ads API.

The Ultimate GAQL Workshop

Building on the Flexible Reporting session, the Ultimate GAQL Workshop will take a deep dive into the details and nuances of the Google Ads Query Language (GAQL). Follow along with this interactive session as we demonstrate how to use the GoogleAdsField service to retrieve field metadata, the Google Ads Query Builder to construct queries, and the Google Ads Query Validator to validate queries. This session will cover several key concepts and developer tools to help you become a reporting power user.

A Simple Model for Mutates

The Google Ads API offers a simple model for performing mutate operations. In this session, we’ll cover the fundamentals of mutating data with the Google Ads API, the various types of mutate methods, and a number of new features in the Google Ads API. We’ll also walk through several examples to demonstrate how mutates work in the context of real-world use cases.

In this session, we\u2019ll walk through best practices to optimize performance, streamline developer workflows, and get the most out of the Google Ads API.

Creating a Migration Plan

Migrating an entire application from the AdWords API to the Google Ads API can be a major undertaking. With a focus on planning and DevOps, this session will discuss key considerations and decisions to contemplate in preparing for and completing your migration. This session is designed to help you create a plan that will ease your migration process and even turn it into an opportunity to improve upon your existing AdWords API integration.

Migration Panel

n this session, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from and get to know the team behind the Google Ads API. With panel participants including the tech leads for the Google Ads API and Google Ads API Developer Relations team, you\u2019ll learn about key decisions in designing an entirely new API, how we think about the Google Ads API, and much more.

We've covered a lot of important information in this workshop. Before the event comes to a close, join us for some fun in this interactive trivia session. See how you stack up against the Google Ads Developer Relations team in answering trivial questions about the Google Ads API.

Event Closing

Thank you for tuning into the Google Ads API Migration workshop. Join us for this closing session as we recap what we’ve learned and discuss next steps.

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API Overview

Devin Chasanoff, a Google Ads API Developer Advocate introduces the essential concepts of the new Google Ads API and demonstrates some useful tools.

Client Libraries

Anash Oommen, a Google Ads API Developer Programs Engineer discusses client libraries developed for the Google Ads API, as well as their similarities and differences with the AdWords API SOAP libraries.

Best Practices

Thanet Knack Praneenararat, a Google Ads API Developer Programs Engineer discusses best practices for working with the Google Ads API.

Migration Planning

David Wihl, a Google Ads API Developer Advocate talks about planning of migration from the AdWords API to the Google Ads API with some real-world examples from big partners.