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Resource representations

A geographic location that can be associated with a timeline item.

  "kind": "mirror#location",
  "id": string,
  "timestamp": datetime,
  "latitude": double,
  "longitude": double,
  "accuracy": double,
  "displayName": string,
  "address": string
Property name Value Description Notes
accuracy double The accuracy of the location fix in meters. writable
address string The full address of the location. writable
displayName string The name to be displayed. This may be a business name or a user-defined place, such as "Home". writable
id string The ID of the location.
kind string The type of resource. This is always mirror#location.
latitude double The latitude, in degrees. writable
longitude double The longitude, in degrees. writable
timestamp datetime The time at which this location was captured, formatted according to RFC 3339.


Gets a single location by ID.
Retrieves a list of locations for the user.